Main Parts of a dissertation Discussion Chapter

Dissertation Discussion Section: Understanding Your Section

In this section, you will be writing an explanation of what you have already researched in your dissertation. This part provides valuable information that differentiates your dissertation from other dissertations present in the same course. It can be divided into the following parts:

Title of your Work

The title of your dissertation should begin with the proper dissertation title. Here, you are explaining the aim of your research. Be sure that you show your readers what the problem is that you seek to solve. Ensure that your title is clear and simple to understand. It should also be logical. It would help if you carried out in-depth research to prove your point.

Definition of your Concept

The definition of your conceptual should tell your readers of the origin of your research. Make sure that you provide a diagram to explain the fundamental idea behind your research. Do not forget to describe all the relationships that existed between the concepts you were talking about.

Demographic Information of your Study Group

This is the section where you give a description of your study group. What do you do? What are their age, gender, culture, educational level, marital status, ethnicity, language background, and economic status? For instance, if your study is on the economic benefits of recycling wastewater into drinking water, it would be appropriate to describe this by the age, gender, and ethnicity groups.

Findings of your Dissertation

While demonstrating the result of your research, you are supposed to give an account of all the measurable outcomes you found. State the significance of these findings, its correlation to your study aim, and the sources that led to them.

Discussion of any Skewed Outcomes

While proving your hypothesis, it is worth mentioning that there might have been some cases where you got it wrong. In this section, it would be best to provide a counterargument to any statistically significant results that you experienced. At times, there might have been instances where your methods of data collection were not effective. In this case, it would be best to provide evidence that shows the need to improve your methodology in future. 

Suggestions for future Research

In this section, you are supposed to provide suggestions for further research. It is good to understand that your supervisor is the last person to read your dissertation. Therefore, do not include any information that he or she will think is not relevant. It would be best if you placed the suggestions in a paragraph at the end of the discussion section. You are also supposed to provide them in a different order from the other sections. Ensure that your points are supported with credible research sources.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In this section, you are supposed to sum up the results you found and present your opinion on the subject. Depending on your tutor’s instructions, it can either be incorporated in the introduction or summarize the entire section. 

The dissertation discussion chapter can be challenging, but it is equally essential. This essay will help you understand all these sections with ease.

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