The Correct Way to Write a Dissertation Discussion

Topic Selection Guidelines for a Dissertation Discussion

I believe many scholars and college professors are struggling with their dissertation discussions. This is mostly due to overdoing it, and they end up writing shoddy presentations. You see, a dissertation discussion is very crucial to your paper. It helps to tie together what you have included in your dissertation. Therefore, it is crucial that you learn what it takes to complete this section. Don’t assume that because you have not written it before, you are good at it. You must read the guidelines carefully and give it your best shot. Furthermore, there are various ways you can use to write it. Let’s see them out.


This section is the introduction of your dissertation. It can be either an overview, discussion, or conclusion. When discussing your methodology, you have to explain the process you will use to conduct the research. This is very important. You need to show the reader how you obtained your data, what you used in analyzing it, and why you chose that method. Remember, you will need data to complete your paper. Thus, your procedure must be reliable and valid. Make sure to cite your sources correctly, otherwise, the committee will find problems with your work.

Some techniques you can employ to include in the discussion include:

  1. Cross-checking the problem statement.
  2. Explaining why the chosen method is valid.
  3. Describing your area of interest.
  4. Briefly telling the reader how you plan to develop your study findings.

Findings and Interpretation

This is the backbone of your dissertation. Here you state the discoveries and results obtained in conducting your research. As such, your reader needs to understand what you have found out. Provide evidence that supports your findings, if any. Make sure to justify why you came up with that particular choice. You can try explaining it in terms of explaining how your study is relevant to the topic. Or, you can show how your choices helped answer that specific research question. A good approach to utilize would be to state that you asked particular questions. This helps to make your work seem more comprehensive, which means it is worth including in your dissertation.

There are various ways you can use to write your findings in the discussion section of your dissertation. For instance, you can present the results of the research on a chart or graphs. It is, however, more comfortable when you use tables. Use either ones you are familiar with or those you feel will captivate the readers. Make sure your presentation is not too busy and also doesn’t exceed one page.


Lastly, this is the last section of your paper. This section should be brief and straightforward. Make sure to sum up all the key points you have discussed in the rest of the paper.

This guideline helped many a scholar with dissertation discussions, thus boosting their credibility among their tutors. Make sure to use it to your advantage. Remember that your teacher will not accept sloppy work, and you must be a good writer to convince them of that. Otherwise, your hopes will be dashed and the exam results will be null and void. Don’t let that happen to you.

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